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"Bliss-inducing original music by violinist/vocalist/composer Lili Haydn ...My response was the reviewer’s equivalent of a spiritual visitation." - L.A. Times


More Love

Whether she’s engaging in the daily three hour practices to continue honing her violin and vocal skills, pouring her passion into scoring independent films, preparing those provocative TED talks or composing and relentlessly expressing herself via her own albums, Lili Haydn greets each situation with the same self-reflective questions: How is this a gift? Where is the gift in this? With the release of More Love, her first solo collection in six years, the Grammy winning artist draws whimsy and purpose from her palette of cinematic alternative music, gracing us with a thematically and sonically compelling way forward out of the dark challenges of 2020. Yet the mission of this groundbreaking recording goes far beyond that. As a survivor of COVID-19 herself and grateful to be alive, she is, more than ever before, celebrating the miracle of life itself.


Since the release of her last solo album LiliLand in 2014, the former child prodigy and long-active member of the Alliance of Women Film Composers has scored 7 films, including Academy Award winner Freida Mock’s ANITA, The House That Jack Built and Sundance Selects’ Driver X; contributed additional score to seasons 2 & 3 of the Emmy winning series Transparent; won a Grammy award for her band Opium Moon’s self titled debut record, done four high-impact TED presentations; and got married. 


Building on that momentum, 2021 is shaping up to be a watershed year for Lili as both a composer and recording artist, starting with the release of Sayonara, the first single off of More Love, just before the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, continuing with the full album release in tandem with a flurry of film and TV projects featuring her dynamic scores. The films include the feature documentary Strip Down, Rise Up by Oscar nominated director Michele Ohayon, set for a February 5 release on Netflix; and Oscar winner Freida Mock’s latest feature doc RUTH: Justice Ginsberg in Her Own Words, debuting March 15 on Starz. In addition, Lili co-composed the music for Ginny & Georgia, a 10-episode drama series dropping on Netflix February 28. 


Not surprisingly, with all their soul stirring dynamics and emotional twists and turns, the eight tracks on More Love beautifully reflect the stylistic freedom, power, and spaciousness of her growing body of film and TV scores. Two of the collection’s tracks, “Is This Love, Is This Life” (which begins with Lili’s surreal breathy vocals before her violin kicks in and the piece becomes more tense and dramatic) and the hypnotic, electronica driven vocal track “The Devil You Know,” are from the soundtrack of Strip Down Rise Up, a film about women who heal their traumas and shame through pole dancing and embark on a journey to reclaim themselves. As a sexual trauma survivor herself, Lili related to its hard-hitting theme. Another track from More Love, “Circle of My Heart,” a haunting vocal-piano-violin ballad which she wrote with David Poe (whom she originally met in the Sundance Fellowship), was also originally written for the same film.


Lili Haydn Filmography



RUTH: Justice Ginsburg in Her Own Words

Feminists: What Were They Thinking?





Driver X


Composer & Songs 

Transparent - Season 3


Additional Composer 




Red Sands



Transparent - Season 2


Additional Composer 

Manson Girls


Additional Composer 



Song / Additional Composer 

The House That Jack Built


Main Themes & Co-Composer 

Dying To Know


Additional Composer

Somewhere Between



The Sublime And Beautiful


Theme Song & Composer 



Theme Song and Composer

American Drug War 2



Zeitgeist: Moving Forward



Broken Kingdom



The Lightmaker


 Additional Composer

The Horse Boy


Theme Song and Co-Composer




Here’s what directors have to say about Lili Haydn:


"Absolutely a dream to work with.  Her score on The House That Jack Built took the film to a whole other level.  I never want to work with another composer again.  Lili spoils you with her musical gifts, artistry and passion.  Once she's on board, you won't find a more skillful and accessible partner on the film.  Without a doubt you should hire Lili Haydn to compose your score."  -  Henry Barrial (Director, The House That Jack Built)


"After two minutes of listening to Lili's music we knew she was perfect to score the music for ANITA. She powerfully and elegantly captured the soul of Anita and her journey home." - Freida Lee Mock (Academy Award Winning Director, ANITA)

"Production values are tops, especially Lili Haydn’s score, which crescendoes when it should and occasionally rings triumphant."  -  Variety Magazine review of ANITA


"Your music is such a huge talking point about the film!!! It's truly the gem of the story. You composed it so perfectly for the narrative. I can't wait to work with you again!"  - Monica Raymund (Director, Tanya)

Additional Press
Press Quotes

"The show opens and closes with sound direct from God through the amazing Lili Haydn. Her violin and her voice combined to utterly and totally mesmerize the audience. Her performance...was nothing short of pure magic."  - Examiner.com

"Bliss-inducing original music by violinist/vocalist/composer Lili Haydn...My response was the reviewer’s equivalent of a spiritual visitation."  -  L.A. Times

"Ms Haydn approaches and reaches the ecstatic, lifting the audience literally to heights seldom experienced."  -  On Stage Los Angeles

 "...the incredible violinist and singer Lili Haydn literally blew away the public and can understandably be called the Lady Hendrix of the violin."  -  Hollywoodtoday.net

 "Haydn has a voice so sublime that it is truly like the fifth string of her virtuoso violin."  -  Paper Magazine

 "A mix of neo-psychedelic flower child and rock star virtuoso...Heifetz meet Hendrix."  -  NPR

 "LiliLand is a playful, upbeat, moving, genre-transcending, mystical journey…for your Heart, Soul And Mind As Well As Your Ears”  - Huffington Post

"Courageously intimate with her audience, Haydn lays into her violin as if it's a wild animal only she can bring to heel.  The effect is an emotional magic show...a party of sound...electronica beat, lyrical strings, ethereal voice, and words that resonate in the battered chamber of the human soul."  -  L.A. Weekly

"Lili amazed her audience...tossing her raven curls like the rock star she is...her performance was electrifying."  -  Women Who Rock


Quotes about Lili’s latest CD, LiliLand from celebrated producers:

"Unique, creative, moving, bold, sonically beautiful and really fucking clever.... I love this record for its passion, craftsmanship, & honesty. I would go on this ride again & again & again..."  - Linda Perry (Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani)

"Lili manages to mix Kate Bush with modern influences to make a beautifully unique sound based around her amazing violin skills and soulful voice."  -  Steve Lillywhite (U2, Dave Matthew’s Band, Muse)

"I really like the spareness of it, and the content…the strong thread of mid-60's Haight-Ashbury aggression and looseness to it all, informed by beat making grooves  (with some classical influence). All the different feels, from Russian folk to Carnival to Flamenco to hiphop, and beyond. Your voice sounds really great...dark and rich. I also really like "This Is A Moment"...Great programming and movement. Love "I Am A Man", and the way it goes into a sort of funeral/gospel song. "Tyrant "was one of my faves, esp the line about not knowing the cost of freedom until you're free…great!"  -  David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Lana Del Rey)

More about my Brains And How i got them back

I've done a lot of talking about how I lost everything and got it back through music.  You can hear an entertaining version of this story in a TEDx talk I did called How Music Saved My Brain.

I want to explain with a little more factual detail, in case anyone reading this is curious, or wondering if they're affected...

I became chemically sensitive to a pesticide called Chlordane, which exists in 30 to 60 million homes in the US, pretty much any structure built between 1948-1988.  It was used to prevent termites, but they later found it to be carcinogenic.  It has no halflife and it is pervasive, found in 90% of breast milk.  It can cause a whole host of problems, and in my case, it caused me to be foggy headed, so foggy that I literally couldn't  think or follow instructions, or process information.  I once was in traffic and rear ended the car in front of me because I thought 'red' meant 'go.'  It's called "Toxic Inebriation."

Only about 1% of the population is chemically sensitive, but the human body can only sustain so much environmental toxicity before it can no longer handle even one molecule of a given toxin, and my immune system was battered by an earlier incident in which the generator that was powering my recording studio melted over the course of a year, and I was breathing melting wires and flame retardant, through the heating and AC vents in the house.

In the process of remediating the melting generator, we disturbed the foundation of the house, which had Chlordane in it, which became airborne, travelling through the vents and contaminating everything I owned.  I had to evacuate and get rid of everything, my grandma's grand piano, my pictures, because it couldn't be cleaned to a level that wouldn't make a "chemically sensitive person" sick.  

I had to figure out how to save my house, my sanctuary.  Once I figured out what it was, I found out that there is a very specific and costly protocol for fixing a house with Chlordane in it (not all houses are able to be fixed.  In more humid areas like the South, they used a lot more of it, and those houses can be too contaminated to fix).  It involved replacing the HVAC system, meticulously wiping down EVERY surface and crevice in the house in a specific method, and encapsulating the crawlspace with an impenetrable substance which prevents any other chemicals or mold or pests or you name it from entering the house.  I spent my savings doing all these things and more, in order to save the only possession I had left (besides my violins).  After doing all this, I hired the same toxicologist and Industrial Hygenist who discovered the Chlordane to test it for safety, and THANKFULLY all the tests came back fine!  I had saved the house.  

But I was still sick.  I wasn't myself.  Electroencephalograms (tests of the brain) confirmed what I was feeling, and indicated that my brain waves were abnormal and typical of someone who had been poisoned and had brain damage. Western medicine had absolutely no solutions.  A child of alternative medicine, I did a 6 month detox (the Purification Rundown), Neuro-feedback, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, and so many other healing modalities, and they helped, but only about 65%...I was still not fully there.  

I was really scared.  I remember one night in bed with my beloved Itai, crying because I thought I had lost myself.  I didn't even care about the possessions any more.  I couldn't write lyrics, and my concentration was shot.  I was fucking up at recording sessions and stopped getting hired by my main employers. I didn't know how I was going to live like that.  

And then I decided to start practicing my violin more rigorously, forcing myself to concentrate, and sight reading classical music again.  And literally every day I practiced, I would wake up the next day feeling more present and smart. I kept it up, and had a full recovery...a miracle.

I found out in the process of researching this for my TEDx talk that music literally causes neuro-genesis, activates the whole brain in a way that nothing else does, and is 65% more effective than any other form of neuro-therapy in tests of people affected by strokes.  Children who study music test as much as 30% higher in math and reading, and it is not an airy-fairy proposition to say that music is medicine.

If you have more questions about this, please feel free to write me.  Here is a link for the remediation of Chlordane, and I hope you take the time to make some music every day!

How to remove Chlordane: http://www.chem-tox.com/chlordane/repair.htm

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